Radamel Falcao’s haircut throughout his life and career

Every celebrity has thousands of fans who belong to different parts of the world. These followers remain in touch with their favorite superstars and also try to adopt their way of living. Hairstyle of male celebrities is usually adopted by their fans. Radamel Falcao is among the most famous sports personality who is well-known for his different hairstyles. He belongs to Colombian football team and has gained much popularity all around the world. Falcao is a stylish young footballer and his followers admire his hair styles. Unlike other celebrities who mostly adopt short hairstyles, Radamel Falcao’s hair style is usually based on long haircut because he believes there are plenty of hairstyles for long hairs.

Are you among those individuals who want to know about Radamel Falcao’sradamel falcao as a child haircut? If your answer is yes, then you would be amazed to know that you have reached the right website. Here in this article, you will get detailed information about Radamel Falcao’s hairstyle throughout his life and career.

Radamel Falcao’s hair style during the early life

Hairs of Radamel Falcao are actually curly as you can see in his juvenile pictures. At that time, he used to keep his hairs curly rather than using any straightener. His hairs were short during his teenage and he had Caesar haircut.


Long haircut of Radamel Falcao

radamel falcao long hair

Majority of you must be aware of his long hair styles. Falcao adopted the long hairstyle during his early football career. He love to keep versatile hairstyles as you can see him in different haircuts such as layered or step cutting. Moreover, he keeps his hairs straight and utilizes headbands while playing a match.  He kept long haircut during several years. Let’s have a look on Radamel Falcao’s hairstyle with long hairs.

Radamel Falcao in slicked back haircut

radamel falcao slicked back haircut

Falcao surprised everybody with his new haircut at Manchester United Player of the Year Awards Ceremony, which took place on 19th May 2015. Though, he failed to perform well during his Manchester United league but still he was much excited about his new haircut with sides and back shaved, leaving top thick and long. His new hairstyle is commonly known as Slicked Back Haircut. Falcao also shared the key reason behind new hair style on his twitter account:

“Changes are difficult to adapt but at times you have to implement them”

radamel falcao haircut

He was on loan at Manchester United football team and his term was about to end. No doubt, he was also disappointed about his poor performance but he remained optimistic. Falcao also posted his black-&-white picture in new haircut while he was heading towards the ceremony’s venue.

radamel falcao chelsea haircut

He received a lot of appreciations from his followers. Since then, he kept the same short hair cut. All of you can easily adopt this hairstyle if your hairs are six to nine inches long. The young football player is only 31 years old and he has a long career in this field. Now let’s see what would be the next Radamel Falcao’s haircut.